A Safe and User-friendly Method to Test GERD

alpHaONE Reflux Monitoring System

As the choices for diagnosing GERD proliferates, it can be really challenging to choose the right steps for clear diagnosis.

Secured Data

Every data package is sent to the recorder multiple times to minimize gaps and artifacts.

实博体育网站Save up to 20 minutes for each procedure

实博体育网站Increase clinical confidence with accurate and consistent data

Easily unscrew and dismantle the conveyer handle in case of emergency

实博体育网站Data completeness with short capsule sampling interval & multiple transmitting

Improve performance of capsule preparation

The latest Lyon Consencus, including PSPW, MNBI, was incooperated.

Compatible with reflux monitoring catheter and wireless capsule products.

Support multiple cases under one name.

实博体育网站 Faster and streamlined calibration process.

Auto-paring and one-click to download.


Dimension (L× W×H)

Weight ≤2g

Sampling Frequency

0.33 Hz


Working duration


Working duration

Dimension (L× W×H)


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